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Hail Protection With Alliance Insurance

Find Affordable Hail Protection With Alliance Insurance Of the Rockies

Sometimes, life throws us a nasty curveball by scheduling a hail storm that damages our beautiful cars. Hail damage to classic cars is devastating and isn’t much better on non-classic vehicles.

Thankfully, Alliance Insurance of the Rockies can help you by providing insurance that minimizes your losses. Storm protection and hail damage insurance can keep you safe, specifically if you purchase a comprehensive insurance policy for your vehicle.

Is Your Insurance Protecting You?

Hail Insurance Coverage: How It Protects Colorado Springs Residents

While wind and hail insurance can protect your home, vehicles don’t actually have specific hail damage insurance. Instead, you need comprehensive insurance that covers multiple issues like elemental damage. Since Colorado Springs, CO, is often in the way of tornadoes and other severe storms, you should consider calling Alliance Insurance to get hail protection for your vehicles. We can cover a myriad of different problems and protect you.

Deductibles for Hail Insurance Protection for Colorado Storms

All car insurance policies have deductibles, and comprehensive insurance is no different. These costs include paying out of pocket when you make a claim. At Allied Insurance, we:

Have Deductibles that Make Sense

Our office is known for fair and reasonable deductibles based on your driving history, risk of specific damage, and more to avoid excessive costs without hidden fees.

Take Pride in Customer Service

If you’ve got questions, let us find the answers for you. We’ll let you know if your hail damage insurance covers your damage and what you must pay.

Help Your Money Go Further

Speak with us to find out if we can even waive your deductible on your glass repair or replacement, depending on the circumstances or policy you have.

Have the Training to Take Care of It All

Our agents are carefully trained to provide the storm protection and hail insurance necessary for affordable coverage in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Steps for Filing Your Hail Insurance Claims Using a Comprehensive Policy

At Alliance Insurance of the Rockies, filing a claim is easy so that you can get paid quickly.

Step 1

Investigation of Your Vehicle
Filing a claim for hail damage requires our hail damage insurance experts to investigate your car and see whether your claim is valid. The adjuster will talk with the body shop and mechanics and gauge what repairs make the most sense. If your car is totaled, we’ll work with you to find a replacement.

Step 2

Understanding Your Coverage
With most storm protection policies, we will likely cover your repairs, glass replacement, and more to keep your vehicles operating smoothly. Typically, we’ll only total your car if the repair costs are worth more than the vehicle.

Step 3

Getting Paid to Start Repairs
Hail protection coverage from Alliance will cover your Colorado Springs, CO, car damage protection, restoration coverage, and more. We’ll work with you to get paid promptly so you’re back on Colorado’s beautiful roads quickly.

What is Agreed Value Coverage for Hail Storms?

What if your car is totaled due to hail damage? Typical comprehensive insurance policies will cover the appreciated value, meaning its value at the time of the damage, not the initial purchase price. Here are some clever tips about agreed value coverage from Allied Insurance of the Rockies:

What is Restoration Coverage After a Hail Storm in Colorado?

Restoration coverage is a great policy option if your car experiences severe hail damage in a Colorado Springs storm. Typically, these policies cover restoration processes that use your vehicle’s original design and parts.

So, you couldn’t try to upgrade with newer or higher-quality products. Instead, our team will talk with your mechanic and tell them what parts qualify. Doing so will reduce expenses and keep your vehicle looking great after a severe storm.

hail on roof

Do I Need Cherished Salvage Protection for Hail Problems?

Cherished salvage protection is perfect for vehicles in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that may be impacted by hail damage to provide:

More Money for You

Total replacement value of your vehicle for the damage you incur.

Additional Coverage

Supplemental coverage for special transportation and towing.

Unconditional Assistance

Assistance with restoration tools and automobile protection.

Smarter Options

A better investment for those summer days when hail is often at its worst.

Whether Your Car Qualifies for Classic Insurance in Colorado

Do you have an older car that you want to protect from hail damage? Talk with us to figure out if classic car insurance is a good fit for you. Unlike general hail damage insurance (such as a comprehensive policy), this option works for specific vehicles.

It offers storm protection for Colorado Springs, Colorado vehicles that qualify under strict guidelines. Here are a few cars or vehicles that might qualify for storm protection like this:

Hear from Satisfied Customers About Their Insurance Coverage

We love our customers and make sure your satisfaction is always our top priority.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hail Damage Coverage

When hail damage happens, we hear these FAQs from valued customers like you.
Absolutely not! Just call Alliance Insurance, and we’ll help you book transportation. Driving with broken glass is not only dangerous but could invalidate your car insurance if you get in a crash.
Paintless dent repair (PDR) helps manage hail damage to sheet metal by using special tools that don’t disturb the paint. If we and your mechanic decide it’s a good choice, it’s likely covered.
Typically, we give you at least a year to file after the storm damage occurs. However, you should file much sooner (even the next day) to avoid potential claim denial.
Hail insurance claims typically get denied if you wait too long, file improperly, or don’t get enough evidence of the damage. Work with us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you!
If your claim was denied for any reason, contact us to dispute it. We’ll work with you through this process and are always willing to listen to reason with our customers.
Protecting your vehicle with comprehensive insurance or classic car insurance (depending on your model) is always smart. Your deductibles shouldn’t go up by much with it.
Typically, classic car insurance covers vehicles between 10 and 20 years old, if not older. You must also follow a mileage limit (i.e., you can’t drive it every day or even very often) and keep it in very good shape by storing it properly. When you qualify for this protection, you get higher payouts for common problems and more expanded protection.

Get Great Storm Protection From Allied Insurance in Colorado!

If you’re interested in comprehensive car insurance, don’t hesitate to call Allied Insurance of the Rockies at (719) 687-6364 or visit our office at

1155 Kelly Johnson Boulevard in Colorado Springs, CO, between 9 and 5 to learn more!

We’ll do what we can to get you the best policy, including examining your budget and discussing the best storm protection policies.

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