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Colorado is one of the most scenic states in the country, and because of that, most people have recreational vehicles to go and explore. From Garden of the Gods RV Resort to Black Bear RV Park, many places make it extremely easy for adventurers like you to travel around the state. However, you need RV insurance to feel protected traveling in your RV.

There are various RV insurance options depending on your vehicle type and the kind of coverage you want. The experienced insurance brokers at Alliance Insurance of the Rockies can match you with a policy that’s perfect for you and your needs!

Is Your Insurance Protecting You?


RV insurance is unique because it acts as a combination of auto insurance and home insurance. RVs function in both capacities; therefore, RV insurance policies have qualities you may recognize as part of your other policies. It’s essential to explore your options and choose a policy that will work best for you.

RV Collision Coverage

If you’re in a vehicle collision, having RV collision coverage will cover the costs of repairs and replacement parts. One of the best parts about this type of coverage is that you’ll be covered regardless of who’s at fault. If you finance or lease your motorhome, you may be required to have collision coverage.

RV Liability Coverage

Because of the size of motorhomes, they tend to cause a lot of damage in an accident. So, it's essential to prepare for the severity of damages that could result in a possible accident. The auto liability portion of your RV insurance policy will help pay for third-party injuries and property damage if you're at fault.

Comprehensive Coverage

Sometimes referred to as “other than collision,” comprehensive coverage helps pay for any loss or damage to your motorhome in non-collision events, such as vandalism, theft, falling tree limbs, floods, and other natural disasters. In other words, this type of coverage helps pay for damage sustained while your RV is parked.

RV Contents Coverage

RVs are a significant investment, and on top of that, you probably keep a lot of property in your RV, especially during longer trips. So, it’s important to have contents coverage, which pays for damages to your personal property and the furnishings and appliances in your RV if they are lost or damaged in a covered event.

RV Roadside Assistance

Another vital coverage option to consider is roadside assistance. This optional coverage will ensure that if your RV stops working while you’re on the road, you can have a specialized RV towing service tow your vehicle without it setting you back financially. Without this coverage, an RV towing service can be pretty expensive.

Vacation Liability Coverage

Also known as “campsite liability coverage,” vacation liability coverage is for individuals living in their RVs at a campground for a certain amount of time. Vacation liability coverage provides additional liability protection for any property damage or personal injuries you cause during your time at an RV park.


Yes, at a minimum, you must have liability coverage as part of your RV insurance policy.

RVs get segmented into a class based on their size and amenities. So your RV is either Class A, B, or C.

Unlike RVs, fifth-wheel trailers don’t require insurance coverage. However, if you don’t have a trailer insurance policy, then any damage to your fifth-wheel trailer will be your responsibility.

Unfortunately, most RV insurance policies don’t cover mold and mildew damage.

Your insurance provider will consider many factors when determining the cost of an RV insurance policy, including RV class, driving history, intended RV use, and policy limits and deductibles.

Some insurance providers have a storage option for RVs, so you can pause your insurance policy’s collision and liability coverage while not actively using your RV.


Request A No-Obligation RV Insurance Quote

Alliance Insurance of the Rockies will ensure you get the best RV insurance policy based on your needs and intended RV use. As an RV owner, it’s crucial to have an affordable policy that offers the proper protection. To learn about your insurance options and make sure you have the best insurance experts on your team, either fill out the form or call us today!

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