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We are proud to put our clients first at Alliance Insurance of the Rockies. As a licensed insurance broker, we are able to serve the entire state of Colorado with customized insurance options for every need, every circumstance, and every budget. With us, you can guarantee honest and integrity-filled service, and coverage that benefits you for home, auto, life, and more.

If you want to come see us in person, we have offices in Woodland Park and Colorado Springs. But regardless where you live in the great state of Colorado, we’d love to help you find coverage that works for you. As a locally-based insurance broker, we are dedicated to supporting our community through customized home and auto insurance plans. 

Why Alliance Insurance of the Rockies?

Our Background

With over 25 years in insurance claims experience, we've seen what happens when insurance just isn't enough. That experience fuels our passion to serve our clients with the best possible coverage.

Our Diverse Products

As an insurance broker in Colorado, we have a diverse set of insurance providers that we have personally vetted and validated for their quality products and services.

Our Staff

We are proud to have experienced professionals in the insurance industry. In addition to our expertise, each one of our staff members are held to the utmost standard of integrity, putting our clients first.

Our Values

When you work with us, you have a partner in insurance, from providing personalized options that protect your assets and loved ones, to building an honest relationship when it comes to quality coverage.


My name is Carl Pash, owner of Alliance Insurance of the Rockies. I worked in insurance claims for over 25 years, with 20 of those in claims management. The claims experience gives us a knowledge of why people need specific coverage. For example, I hated seeing when someone was not adequately covered. By getting to know our clients, we can use this experience to make recommendations for coverage to see that our clients are adequately covered. 


Request A No-Obligation Insurance Policy Review

How long has it been since you’ve looked at your insurance policies? Can you get a better rate? Is it time to switch insurance providers? Do you need to insure your new motorcycle? We can help you answer all those questions and more. By combining our over 25 years of experience in the insurance industry we can answer all of these questions and more providing you with a completely customized insurance plan for your home or automobile. We want to serve our community by providing the best service possible. Contact or call our amazing team of dedicated insurance brokers today!

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